KICKSPINS is dedicated to providing a safe shopping experience for our customers and will be implementing the following precautions upon our reopening on Thursday, June 26th:

1) We STRONGLY encourage patrons who want to shop our vinyl section to call or email to make an appointment. As you know, crate digging is really hands on and we want to ensure a safe experience all around by thoroughly sanitizing between shopping experiences. 

2) All patrons must where a mask when entering the store- NO EXCEPTIONS. We're hoping you're being safe by showing up in your own but we have you covered by providing disposable masks in case you don't. 

3) We'll provide disposable gloves for the serious crate diggers- just ask!

4) No more than two customers will be allowed inside the store at one time- children included. 

5) Don't want to wear a mask? You can purchase online via or request a virtual tour- we can ship or do curbside pickup!